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3 Ways To Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show

While there are many important pieces to the trade show puzzle, appearance is crucial.  We may not like to think that we are judged based on appearance, but its true.  In fact, your appearance could dictate whether you ever get the opportunity to discuss your business with potential customers.  Making sure you and your team are dressed for success can be the cheapest part of the puzzle, but can be the most important piece to winning a customers trust and earning their business.  Isn't that why you are there?

There are many philosophies on the best way to stand out.  This can depend on your business type, the location of your trade show, the "theme" of your booth, etc.  Further, what may work for one business may not work for another.

Stand Out-The most important thing to do is stand out.  In a room full of your competitors, the worst thing that can happen is to go unnoticed.  This can be a bright colored shirt.  This can be a simple t-shirt conveying your message.  This can be a promotional giveaway so your customers have something to take with them.

Be Consistent-Make sure those who approach your company can easily identify someone who can help them.  If everyone is dressed to match, customers will have the confidence to approach and gather information.

Represent Your Brand-Choosing something that represents your brand is key.  A company selling cotton candy can be whimsical and creative-maybe tie dye, while a company selling financial planning may need a more conservative approach.  I know I wouldn't trust a stock broker in tie-dye.  Know your target market.

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Making sure you stand out, stay consistent and represent your brand can have a huge impact at your next trade show.  Make sure you aren't the group that customers walk right past.

Please let us know how we can help with your trade show needs.

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