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How Employee Uniforms Can Impact Your Business

March 01, 2015

When choosing how your business is presented to the public the easiest and most commonly overlooked aspect is employee appearance.  Imagine you take the time to have the cleanest restaurant, or the best food, or impeccable service.  Then your employee shows up wearing a t-shirt two sizes too small and jeans with a hole in the knee.  All your efforts can be undone by an unprofessional employee appearance.

Who would you rather encounter when dealing with a service provider?

       Him      or     Him?

Below we have examples of why this should be important to you and your business.

Professionalism-Choosing your presentation to the customer should be a decision carefully considered, not something thought of minutes before dressing for work.
Customer Comfort-Your patrons should be able to tell immediately who they can look to for assistance.  An identifiable uniform meets this need.
Brand Recognition-Your customers should come to learn and recognize your colors, logo, etc.  Its growing more difficult for customers to remember you.  Why not help them along?
Consistency-A customers experience should not waver.  Its important that their expectations are met or exceeded every time.  If each time they arrive and encounter a professional presentation, their decision to return has been validated.
Advertising-I can't tell you how often someone reads the logo on my shirt and asks about it.  Would I have preferred to go un-noticed?  Um, NO.
Increased Sales-All of the things above gently guide a customer to spend more money.  Why let the presentation of your employees shirts undo everything you did to earn the customers visit?

Now that we can agree on the value of a professional appearance, we have listed some industries for which we help maintain their appearance.

Healthcare (Dental/Pharmacy/Support Staff)
Schools (Staff Shirts/Team Sports/Band, Drama & School Clubs/School Store/Booster & Fundraising/Alumni)
Golf Courses
Service Centers (Oil Change, etc)
Business Casual Offices

Please let us know how we can help with your uniform needs.