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Champion Mens Performance Fleece Sweatshirt S230

Champion Mens Performance Fleece Sweatshirt S230

      1. Brand: Champion
      2. Style Number: S230
      3. Material: 100% polyester fleece
      4. Material Weight: 5.4 ounces
      5. Lightweight performance fleece fabric provides warmth without weight
      6. Wicking finish
      7. Two ply collar with plush contrast lining
      8. Reverse coil zipper
      9. Contrasting side panel
      10. Reflective C logo at left cuff
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      1. Available To Ship Blank: Yes
      2. Available To Ship With Embroidery: Yes*
      3. Available To Ship With Screen Printing: Yes
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      5. Blank: Ships the same business day if ordered before 12 noon
      6. Decorated: 10 business days production time (approximate)